Southfield Primary School

Science Week

This year’s Science Week theme was ‘Growth’. Throughout the week, the children explored links between this theme and multiple areas across science, technology, engineering and maths. We investigated plant and animal growth, discussed the impacts of economic growth on our society, explored growth in the universe and considering our own personal growth over the last twelve months.

Each day, classes participated in a number of experiments centred on the theme. Every year group designed and made their own bug hotels to support biodiversity in the local habitat and conducted a ‘grow’ experiment using spring onions. When building a Bug Hotel, the children learned about the ideal habitats for minibeasts to grow, survive and thrive. They used recycled materials to build their bug sanctuaries for a variety of insects. When conducting the ‘grow’ experiment, the children found out which conditions would be best for plants to grow in. They considered how plants grow and what might affect them, what the best conditions to grow plants is and if different plants need different conditions. They then applied variables to their experiment and measured the growth of spring onions to discover which variables affect growth.

The Explorer Dome Workshops were a highlight of the week for many of the children! Growth in Space was explored in one of the shows – the children were presented with an interactive guide to their local neighbourhood and beyond and given the opportunity to ask big questions, explore their interests and learned how to spot the constellations in the sky. Growth in The Human Body took the children on a journey through the digestive system, which we require to absorb energy for our growing physiques. The children discussed the fundamental units of living things from the perspective of human cells that make up our adapted tissues, organs and systems. The children learned an immense amount and had an incredible and fun time!

Our parent-led workshops were also a huge success in Science Week. EYFS and KS1 got up close and personal with some minibeats in ‘Annick’s Insects’, a parent-led workshop by Ms. Sawala. In this talk, they learned all about how insects grow in comparison to humans and looked at some insects at different stages of development. KS2 were shown ‘The Wonder of Plants’ by Mr. Brody. In this talk, the children learned all about the astonishing properties of plants that scientists have discovered over the last 20 years and how the dynamic behaviours of plants can be explained using ‘the mathematics of communication’.

The week culminated in a dress up day on Friday, where the children came to school as a STEM ambassador of their choosing. Their efforts were well received and they all looked amazing!