Southfield Primary School

Maths through Story

‘A holistic, creative and active approach to teaching Mathematics.’

As part of our Contextualised Curriculum, all children from Nursery to Year 2 participate in our cutting-edge approach to mathematical enrichment, Maths through Story curriculum.

These lessons take place bi-weekly, providing children with the opportunity to exploit the concepts learnt in daily Mathematics lessons and to use them through the stimulus of a multi-layered, high-quality picture book, which places mathematical problems into an everyday and creative context. 

Teachers compose lessons around a specific, real-life problem, by introducing the story and using it to tease out mathematical concepts and ideas that are to be explored further in the session. The rich pictures and words support pupils in applying their mathematical understanding in a real-life situation.

This approach allows children to remove any barriers from the study of mathematics and leads to enjoyment and engagement while encouraging independence and investigative skills. Children build up an understanding of the relevance that Mathematics can play in their everyday lives and thus exploit deep learning and engagement opportunities.