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Music is central to the creative life of the school. Weekly music lessons with a specialist music teacher start in Reception and are a key part of our curriculum. Music lessons are rooted in theory with a strong emphasis on performance. From Reception through to Year 6, music lessons are designed to nurture and challenge all our children to become accomplished young musicians, sharing their achievements through regular individual and group performances.

Each week, children participate in whole school singing assemblies where they develop a range of voice and performance skills. Singing from an established repertoire, children will explore a broad and diverse range of songs and compositions that complement their wider creative curriculum. 


We encourage children’s artistic development from Reception through to Year 6. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful specialist teacher who delivers our knowledge based curriculum. This ensures that children are taught the curriculum by an educator with a passion for nurturing artistic confidence and originality.

Our art curriculum, which encompasses the objectives outlined in the national curriculum, is taught through six strands.

Each term of learning begins in the same way with children studying an artist’s work in detail. The artist will be chosen because of their work is a strong example of a particular skill across the strands and areas. 

The canon of artists’ works chosen cumulatively develops in complexity from the Reception year to Year 6. 

Following a detailed understanding of the artist’s work, pupils will have the chance to imitate part of the artwork or skill demonstrated in the artworks. Once the pupils have developed confidence and skills to imitate what they have observed and understood, they innovate their own works using and applying the new knowledge and skills taught with freedom.

Knowledge Organisers



Year 1 - Colour

Year 1 - Line

Year 1 - Style in Art

Year 1 - Architecture

Year 1 - Paintings of Children

Year 1 - Sculpture

Year 2 - Colour and Shape

Year 2 - Colour, Shape and Texture

Year 2 - History of Painting

Year 2 - Portraits and Self- Portraits

Year 2 - Landscape and Symmetry

Year 3 - Line

Year 3 - Still Life and Form

Year 3 - The Art of Ancient Egypt

Year 3 - Architecture

Year 3 - Anglo Saxon Art

Year 3 - Modern Architecture

Year 4 - Light

Year 4 - Space

Year 4 - Design

Year 4 - Monuments of Ancient Rome

Year 4 - Byzantine Monuments

Year 4 - Needlework, Embroidery and Weaving

Year 5 - Style in Art

Year 5 - Islamic Art and Architecture

Year 5 - Art from Western Africa

Year 5 - Chinese Paintings and Ceramics

Year 5 - Printmaking

Year 6 - Art in the 20th Century

Year 6 - Renaissance Architecture and Sculpture

Year 6 - Victorian Art and Architecture

Year 6 - William Morris

Year 6 - Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

Year 6 - Art in the Italian Renaissance

Year 6 - Murals and Tapestries

Performing Arts

All children from Reception to Year 6 have a weekly performing arts session with our drama specialist. This supports the school's commitment to the expressive arts and children gain confidence from participating in mime, drama and performance activities. 


At Southfield Primary School we seek to foster children’s substantive disciplinary knowledge and understanding of computer science and computational thinking and equip them in an ever increasingly changing digital world. Our Computing curriculum encompasses computational thinking, computer science and Digital Literacy and is designed to teach knowledge and skills from Reception to Year 6.

We do this by combining the computing curriculum with a wide range of media subjects to inspire pupils. Educating pupils in units as diverse as music production or stop motion animation will enhance a curiosity and develop new interests. We ensure all National Curriculum aims and content are fully covered and progress is achieved using different aspects of technology and computing safely and with a deep understanding of the curriculum content. Consequently, our computing curriculum is sequenced and tracks and spans the school career of a Southfield child from Reception –Year 6 which is evidenced in our progression map planning.

We endeavour for all our pupils leave Southfield as confident digital citizens and to have the requisite substantive and disciplinary subject knowledge to facilitate the ability to use technology and their knowledge of the digital world safely and with ease.


Latin: Children in Year 3 begin their study of the classical world through learning about the Romans. They gain a historical and cultural perspective about the Roman Invasion of Britain and how this affected the Celts and pursue a historical enquiry into the culture and way of life of the Romans. This is punctuated by the study of Latin where children follow the Minimus scheme. Minimus is a unique Latin course for younger children which is based on a real family who lived at Vindolanda in 100AD: Flavius, the fort commander, his wife Lepidina, their three children, assorted household slaves, their cat Vibrissa - and Minimus the mouse. Children learn with Minimus a mix of Roman myths, stories, grammar and historical background. The books are colourful and stimulating in comic style to make Latin engaging and fun.

Curriculum Enhancement

Visits to museums, galleries, theatres and to see poets and authors are a vital part of our enrichment offering here at Southfield. Just this year, our Year 4s were privileged enough to be invited to an audience with the wonderful Michael Rosen. They also all received a free copy of his latest book as a parting gift! 


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